19 . Manuscript Formatting – Figures and Illustrations

Figures and pictures should clarify and augment the text. The selection of sharp, high-quality illustrations is of paramount importance. Figures should be in 300 DPI and charts in Power Point (editable) high resolution format. Figures of inferior quality will be returned to the author for correction or replacement.

For x-ray films, scans, and other diagnostic images, pictures of pathology specimens or photomicrographs, high-resolution photographic image files are recommended.

Photomicrographs should have internal scale markers. Symbols, arrows, or letters used in photomicrographs should stand out on the background. The internal scale should be given, and the method of staining in photomicrographs should be identified.

Place all the figures at the end of the manuscript, and not scattered throughout the manuscript. Titles should be placed below the figure and detailed explanations should be given as legends and not on the illustrations.