23 . Publishing Fees

Upon acceptance of the manuscript by the journal, a publishing fee will be charged. Local authors (Pakistan) can submit the fees via pay order or bank draft, or online bank transfer. Overseas authors can send the fees through bank transfer. Exact details of the account and transfer will be emailed upon acceptance of the manuscript. Note that there will be extra publishing charges for exceeding the references and word count, and adding extra tables and figures. Note the recommended guidelines for word count etc. here .

"Effect from July 1st 2023" (Including Tax)

Manuscript For Authors in Pakistan For Overseas Authors
Audit Rs.20,000 US $ 600
Case Report Rs.15,000 US $ 400
Case Series Rs.15,000 US $ 400
Comments on Published Article Nil Nil
Innovation Rs.20,000 US $ 650
Letter to the Editor Rs.5,000 US $ 200
Meta-Analysis Rs.25,000 US $ 600
Narrative Review Rs.25,000 US $ 600
Original Article Rs.20,000 US $ 650
Research Article Rs.20,000 US $ 650
Short Communication Rs.15,000 US $ 500
Short Report Rs.15,000 US $ 500
Special Communication Rs.25,000 US $ 600
Systematic Review Rs.25,000 US $ 550

Charges for Undergraduate Students’ Corner

See Students’ Corner also

"Effect from July 1st 2023"

Manuscript For Students in Pakistan For Overseas Students
Audit Rs.10,000 US $ 300
Case Report Rs.7,500 US $ 200
Case Series Rs.7,500 US $ 200
Comments on Published Article Nil Nil
Innovation Rs.10,000 US $ 325
Letter to the Editor Rs.3,000 US $ 100
Original Article Rs.10,000 US $ 325
Research Article Rs.10,000 US $ 325
Short Communication Rs.7,500 US $ 250
Short Report Rs.7,500 US $ 250
Special Communication Rs.12,500 US $ 300

Please note that narrative reviews written by undergraduate students are not processed at JPMA.

Processing Fees

Manuscript For Authors in Pakistan For Overseas Authors
All Article Rs.3,500 US $ 200