4 . Supporting Documents

Ensure that you have the following supporting documents prepared before you attempt to submit the manuscript.

Obligatory Document 1: Cover Letter

A cover letter is an obligatory supporting document for all types of manuscripts except letter to the editor, without which the OJS will not upload and accept the manuscript.

A cover letter should be kept succinct and include the following information. (Maximum 200 to 250 words)

  • Title of the manuscript.
  • What is already known on the subject?
  • What will the results of your study add?
  • How will your results help in clinical practice and or further Research?
  • An explanation of any issues (if any) relating to JPMA policies.

Acceptable formats for cover letter include: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, doc, docx or pdf.

Download the cover letter template Here.

Obligatory Document 2: Ethical Approval of Research

Ethical approval of research in the form of letters from the ethical review committee (ERC), ethical review board (ERB), institutional review board (IRB), or any other relevant form of ethical approval is mandatory for all manuscripts submitted to JPMA. The only exceptions to this rule include letters to the editor based on some new information, narrative reviews, and special communications in the form of a review. Reporting a case report or case series in retrospect does not require an IRB certificate but a letter of approval from the head of the department on the institute’s letterhead is required. Ensure that you have read our editorial policy on ethical approval here .

  • IRB number.
  • Date when IRB approval was given.
  • Permission of time period during which the research can be conducted.
  • Signature of chairperson of the IRB/ERB with additional designation of chairperson if any. Stamp of the IRB of the institute should be present.
  • Letter should be on the letter head of the IRB of the institute.

Download the Ethical Approval letter template here.

Obligatory Document 3: Submission Form

Download the submission statement form from here .

This form can be typed on and saved before taking a print-out. It is preferable to fill out the form in type. Alternatively, the form may be printed and handwritten. The form has to be signed by ALL authors. Electronic signatures are not acceptable. After printing and signing the form (by hand), it can be scanned and uploaded to the OJS.

Ensure that the form has been filled correctly and completely. Incomplete forms will result in return of the manuscript and will cause delays in processing.

Ensure that you have the following information in hand while filling out the form:

  • Details of the contributions made by each author
  • List of disclaimers if required
  • List of possible conflict of interests for disclosure
  • List of possible sources of funding for disclosure
  • Details regarding all authors including:
    • Full names of all authors
    • Email addresses of all authors
    • Phone numbers of all authors
    • Full current affiliation of all authors
    • Year of study if any of the authors are undergraduate students
    • Highest degree if the authors are not undergraduate students

Note that the order of the authors will not be changed at any stage. You can read the full details regarding our policy regarding authorship here .

All authors must read the copyright statement and the undertaking detailed on the form before signing it. JPMA assumes that all authors comply with the editorial policy on receipt of the signed submission form.

Obligatory Document 4: Withdrawal From

Download the Withdrawal form from here .

Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis:

Prospective protocol registration with an international database is desirable. Please provide the registration number if the protocol of Systematic Review was prospectively registered with PROSPERO or any other international database.