A novel way of quantifying bone defect in primary total knee replacements using plain radiographs

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Bone defect assessment in primary advanced knee arthritis can present a challenge for the surgeon and lead to unfavourable outcomes if not adequately determined during preoperative planning. The aim of this study was to introduce a new, simple and quick way to assess and quantify bone defect using short film radiographs and utilising it to choose the total knee prosthesis. This is a prospective case series of patients who underwent TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty) using various types of prostheses. Three different angles—Tibiofemoral angle, MPTA (medial proximal tibial angle), and JLCA (joint line convergence angle)—were measured preoperatively to evaluate limb alignment, placement of the tibial, and femoral components of total knee prosthesis. Postoperatively roentgenographic index introduced by Lotke et al was used to assess our preoperative methodology.