Criss cross heart; a challenging diagnosis, case series

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Crisscross heart (CCH) is a rare anomaly characterized by twisting of the inflow streams of right and left ventricles. The etiology of CCH is not known. Its frequency is less than 8/10, 00,000 live births. Cyanosis is common in neonatal age, while shortness of breath is the main presenting complaint in older children. We present a case series of CCH with array of associations, diagnosed by echocardiography.

CCH is a rare heart defect that can be diagnosed by echocardiography by a vigilant operator. Early diagnosis is the key to successful management resulting in increased survival rate, better outcomes and improved quality of life.

Keywords: Criss-Cross heart, mitral valve lesions, coarctation of aorta, Echocardiography, case series.