A rare double-delta sign in a bucket handle tear of lateral meniscus: a case report

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The two most common causes of a meniscus tear are trauma and degenerative processes. Meniscus tears clinically present with pain, swelling and limited mobility of the knee joint. Bucket handle tear (BHT) is a full-thickness tear of the meniscus usually involving the inner portion of the medial meniscus. It is three times more likely to occur in the medial meniscus than in the lateral meniscus. Various signs such as the double anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sign, double posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) sign, and triple PCL sign have helped radiologists diagnose this tear on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This case report is about a BHT of the less commonly involved lateral meniscus identified with a double-delta sign on MRI which has rarely been reported. A comparison of various radiological signs reported in the literature has been made, which will aid radiologists in diagnosis and have importance for the medical literature.