Patient’s perspective and awareness of materials used in dentistry

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Objective: To assess patients’ knowledge and attitude towards different dental materials used in private and public dental facilities in an urban setting.

Method: The cross-sectional study was conducted at the Islamabad Dental and Medical College, Islamabad, Pakistan, from February to July 2019, and comprised individuals at private dental clinics and teaching hospitals. Data was collected using a pre-validated structured questionnaire that recorded socio-demographic information as well as patients’ perception on evidence-based dentistry using visual analogue, trust on the dentist, quality of materials and the source of information. Data was analysed using SPSS 21.

Results: Of the 269 participants, 151(56.1%) were females with a mean age of 33.87±12.63 years, and 118(43.9%) were males with a mean age of 33.28±13.71 years. Overall, 208(77.3%) respondents were in favour of using materials with long-term scientific data; 201(74.7%) recognised a difference in quality of materials used at private clinics and teaching hospitals; 128(63.7%) believed that poor quality materials were used in teaching hospitals; 229(85%) trusted their dentists for using high-quality materials; and 108(40%) identified dentists as the source of information. There was a significant relationship between patient’s education level and realising the importance of using dental materials supported by scientific evidence (p?0.01).

Conclusion: Majority of subjects believed that poor quality materials were used in teaching hospitals compared to private dental facilities.

Key Words: Patient-centred care, Evidence-based dentistry, Continuous...