Mucocutaneous manifestations of Chikungunya fever, an experience of tertiary care hospital




Objectives: 1. To determine the different frequencies of mucocutaneous manifestations of Chikungunya Fever in a Tertiary care hospital.

  1. To determine the associations of positive Chikungunya Fever serology with its mucocuatneous manifestations.

Methodology: It was observational cross-sectional study conducted in Department of Dermatology of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre from 15th May 2018 to 15th January 2019. After getting approval from Institutional Review Board, 67 patients were recruited in study by purposive sampling who presented with early and late manifestations of Chikungunya Fever (CF). Different cutaneous manifestations were confirmed by consultant Dermatologist. Photographs were taken after the inform consent of patients. Data was analysed by SPSS 23 and P value was taken significant with < 0.05.

Result: The mean age of patients was 30.24±7.89 years. Females and males were 45 (68%) and 20 (31%) respectively. Hyperpigmentation were noted as most frequent finding in 31 (46%), maculopapular rashes ,oral ulcers in 17 (25%), and diffuse hair fall in 14(20%) .Findings like lichenoid eruption in 11 (16%), chick sign in 5 (8%), and erythema of Pinna in 4 (6%) were also recorded. While hair falls, exacerbation of pre-existing dermatoses like psoriasis and acne form eruption were also seen rarely.  There was no significant association was found between clinically suspected cases and serology positive patients of CF.

Conclusion: CF presented with important and unusual mucocutaneous findings which are important to diagnose as they help in differentiating it from other viral diseases. We observed that some finding remain long standing and presented months

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