Vol. 72 No. 7 (2022): July

Original Article

Filiz Orak, Hulya Nazik, Kezban Tulay Yalcinkaya, Alaaddin Gundes, Adem Doganer, Selcuk Nazik, Mehmet Kamil Mulayim, Perihan Ozturk
Antifungal efficacy of pure boron on yeast and mold isolates causing superficial mycosis
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Keramat Ullah Keramat, Muhammad Athar Khalily , Abdul Haseeb Bhutta , Pirzada Khattak, Anam Habib, Nimra Ilyas Bhutta
Risk factors evaluation of cerebral palsy in Hazara division KPK Pakistan: A cross-sectional survey
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Syed Muhammad Ashraf Jahangeer, Muhammad Hamdan, Ushna Sunain Ansari, Huzaif Saeed Khan, Rida Fatima
Cognition improvement strategies, study behaviors and stress among medical students of Dow University of Health Sciences: a cross-sectional study
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Tayyab Uddin Khand, Naseem Aslam Channa, Fatehuddin Khand
Oxidative stress is the common causal link between renal stones and diabetes mellitus in adult people
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Tayyaba Faisal, Sajida Naseem, Tabinda Ashfaq, Fasih Hashmi, Aman Ullah
An indirect evaluation of medical residents’ research writing skills by research synopsis review
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Mamoona Tasleem Afzal, Imran Amjad, Misbah Ghous
Comparison of classic constraint-induced movement therapy and its modified form on upper extremity motor functions and psychosocial impact in hemiplegic cerebral pals
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Sarah Ikram, Abdur Rehman Aleemi , Madiha Hashmi , Zareen Imam
Adequacy of nutritional support in critically ill patients post implementation of nutritional protocols in surgical intensive care unit of a university hospital
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Faryal Kamil, Murtaza Dhrolia, Aamna Hamid, Ruqaya Qureshi, Kiran Nasir, Aasim Ahmad
Frequency of iron deficiency anaemia in chronic kidney disease patients not on dialysis
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Tayyaba Gul Malik, Muhammad Moin, Rabail alam
A comparison of SRK/T formula with Hill RBF 2 and Barrett Universal II in the calculation of intraocular lens power
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Aeysha Gulzar, Misbah Waris, Qurat Ul Ain
Effects of 8 weeks functional training program on posture control and functional mobility in spastic hemiplegic cerebral palsy
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Maqsood Ahmad Burq , Jehanzeb Khan , Sidra Zafar , Baila Shakaib , Zafar Iqbal
Effect of pupil dilation on IOLMaster® measurements in Pakistani Eyes
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Muhammad Osama , Muhammad Naveed Babur, Furqan Ahmed Siddiqi, Naureen Tassadaq, Muhammad Ali Arshad Tareen
Effects of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplementation in addition to resistance exercise training and manual therapy in patients with knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled trial
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Research Article

Rabia Jamil, Nusrat Shah, Sofia Butt, Tahira Shah, Sarah Kazi, Fouzia Perveen, Nazli Hossain
Clinical characteristics, obstetric and perinatal outcome of Covid-19 infection in pregnant women
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Nazia Yaqoob, Somia Zulfiqar
Emotional intelligence and burnout among medical officers of twin cities in Pakistan
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Mafaza Alam, Varqa Faraid, Laima Alam, Ajmal Yousaf, Pir Jawad Ali Shah, Maham Wahid
Emergency management of avulsion injuries: from home to clinic. A multicentre cross-sectional survey among medical doctors and general public
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Syed Ahsan Ali, Misbah Fazlani , Tazein Amber , Safia Awan
A simple discharge criteria for transfer of patients from intermediate care to general care: a prospective observational study
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Nurcan Bilgic, Sibel Altun
Determination of nurses’ tendency to medical error and the factors affecting this in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
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Mariya Iqbal, Nazia Mumtaz, Ghulam Saqulain, Nayab Iftikhar
Paediatric vocal fold nodules: management strategies to restore normal phonation—Speech-Language Pathologists perspective: A cross-sectional survey
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Merve Ozkan, Filiz Adana, Duygu Yesilfidan
Sun protection behavior of agricultural workers and associated factors in West of Turkey
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Israr Ahmad, Sardar Ali , Asmat Shaheen
Experiences regarding internship among Bachelor of Science in nursing students in Peshawar: A qualitative study
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Saima Bashir, Azeema Ahmad, Hamid Iqbal, Shafia Nasir, Khurram Haq Nawaz, Zeeshan Ayub
Can blood glucose levels predict biochemical and hematological abnormalities in Covid -19 patients - Experience from a tertiary care hospital in Balochistan
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Samiha Mohamed Abd Elkader, Abdullah Mohamed Al-Shenqiti, Tarek Mohamed El-Gohary
Timed Up and Go and Five Times Sit to Stand Test among community- ambulant overweight and obese Saudi the elderly
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Humaira Mehmood, Madiha Shafi , Shams ul Arifin Qasmi , Muhammad Saeed Afsar , Samina Mohsin , Qurat-Ul-Ain
Assessment of frequency, risk category and intervention needs in psychoactive drug users by using WHOASSIST Questionnaire among medical students in Karachi
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Maohua Han, Yaning Sun, Na Li
Relationship between platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio and Coronary Artery Lesion in non-diabetic patients with coronary heart disease.
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Evren Fidan, Atila Yildirim, Nazli Kazaz, Sami Fidan, Arif Burak Cekic
The relationship between albumin-bilirubin score and survival in patients operated for pancreatic cancer
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Shafaq Altaf, Anam Aftab, Komal Fayyaz Khan, Farah Anwar, Abeeha Imran, Maira Syed
Association of sleep-wake pattern with cognitive performance and academic achievement in young adults
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Ashraf, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Sajjad Ali, Nabi Rahman, Hamidullah, Amjad Ali
Estimation of emerging diagnostic parameters for Coronavirus Disease 2019 patients severity and fatality
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Kehkashan Arouj, Rabia Zonash Mir, Seema Zahid
Quality of life among dialysis patients: predictive analysis of illness intrusiveness and spiritual beliefs
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Uzma Shamsi, Tiffany Gill, Shaista Khan, Iqbal Azam, David Callen, Romaina Iqbal
The Modified Alternate Healthy Eating Index-2010 and Breast Cancer Risk among Women from Karachi, Pakistan
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Fateh Ali Janjua, Obada Hasan , Fatima Abbas Naqvi, Sarosh Madhani , Masood Umer
An Audit of the effect of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Treatment in patients with non-union of long bone fractures
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Systematic Reviews

Maira Hussain, Arooj Fatima, Ashfaq Ahmad, Syed Amir Gilani
Effects of task oriented rehabilitation of upper extremity after stroke: a systematic review
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